HeavySwing 30 50oz Youth Training Bat 3050

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HeavySwing 30 50oz Youth Training Bat 3050

HeavySwing 30 50oz Youth Training Bat 3050

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HeavySwing 30 in 50oz Youth Training Bat Features:

The HeavySwing 30 50oz Youth Training Bat 3050 is all about mechanics. That is, they use the bodies natural mechanics and memory to improve hitting performance and strength. The secret behind it all is the handle weighted system that puts all of the weight in the hands. This simple concept reversed decades of thinking that focused around weighting the barrel of the bat. Donuts and other barrel weights have been around for years but the result of too many swings with a weighted barrel can lead to improper mechanics. Namely, the act of casting or reaching out for balls as the first movement while swinging. It is inevitable that young hitters will come across this habit at some point in their careers. The habit can result of from faster pitching, slower pitching or some sort of bad tick they picked up during batting practice. Regardless of how it happens, casting is a problem, and swinging with a barrel weight perpetuates that problem. With the HeavySwing 30 50oz Youth Training Bat 3050 you reverse that weight. In this case, instead of constantly fighting against a mechanism that is forcing bad habits, this bat is actively working to enforce good habits. The weight in the handle makes it so a hitters first move is down and towards the ball instead of out. This way, a hitter has to force his hands close to his body and on the inside of the ball to make solid contact. An inside the ball swing forces backspin which creates lift and torque on the baseball forcing it further and higher. This is what turns singles into doubles and doubles into home runs. Taking a few rounds of BP with this bat will make you swing faster with your game bat.
  • Premium quality PX99 grade aluminum bat
  • Barrel: 2 _ inch youth barrel Profile
  • 30 inches
  • 50 ounces
  • 3050