HeavySwing 31 40oz Youth Training Bat 3140

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HeavySwing 31 40oz Youth Training Bat 3140

HeavySwing 31 40oz Youth Training Bat 3140

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HeavySwing 31 in 40oz Youth Training Bat Features:

The HeavySwing 31 40oz Youth Training Bat 3140 is a highly versatile and unique training device that is taking the baseball world by storm. Even though the idea of HeavySwing, a handle weighted training system, was born watching major league players warm up, the concept is perfect for young ballplayers. The reason this system is perfect for young players is all about the mechanics that it preaches. Instead of barrel weights and donuts that force hands out and up, weight in the handle forces hands down and inside the ball. The difference is simply that when you start your hitting motion with your hands going out, it leads to a problem called "casting." Casting is like a cardinal sin of hitting. It is one of the afflictions that runs into every young player at some point. With the weight in the handle of this bast, it is impossible for a hitters first move to be out. If hitters continue to hit with a bat with a hands approach, it will eventually happen automatically. Coaches are always preaching for hitters to keep their hands inside the ball. This is always good advice because keep hands close and inside the ball as they say, creates backspin. Backspin turns bloop singles into doubles in the gap and turns doubles in the gap into long home runs. The most important aspect of the HeavySwing 31 40oz Youth Training Bat 3140 outside of the handle weight is the foundation. Meaning, the main component that makes up the construction of the bat. The construction of the bat is made from the incredibly light and durable PX99 grade aluminum. This aluminum allows these bats to be used in batting cages and during other live drills.
  • PX99 grade aluminum bat
  • 2 1/4 inch youth barrel Profile
  • 31 inches
  • 40 ounces
  • 3140