EvoShield Protective Sliding Right Wrist WTV2044155

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EvoShield Protective Sliding Right Wrist WTV2044155

EvoShield Protective Sliding Right Wrist WTV2044155

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EvoShield Protective Sliding Right Wrist:

Players looking to have protection when sliding should purchase the EvoShield Protective Sliding Right Wrist. This is because of its great features that are hard to come by in other protective sliding guards. For players that are constantly on the bases running around, chances are they are going to be sliding a few times per game. The more you slide, the more you are at risk to injury, so many need protection to keep themselves healthy all season. With this great product from Evoshield players can easily obtain this goal. The EvoShield Protective Sliding Right Wrist has many features that make it the best in the business. Starting with having stabilization on both the top and bottom of the wrist. This feature makes it great because it provides extra protection for players running around the bases. It also features an adjustable elastic band. This is great because you can make it fit to your own personal wrist size. This results in a comfortable sliding guard. This is great because you will not feel like you are carrying something extra when running.

EvoShield Protective Sliding Right Wrist - Ultimate Sliding Wrist Guard

The EvoShield Protective Sliding Right Wrist is made of neoprene material. This great material helps increase mobility and comfort which is a great plus to have in a sliding protector. Also, the guard comes in two different sizes making fitting extremely easy. It comes in sizes small/medium and large/x-large. This product comes from the new company that has burst onto the scene and made an abundance of great popular products, so you know you will love it. So, come buy this today at our Baseball Bargains website! Model: WTV2044155
  • Stabilization on both top and bottom of wrist, providing extra protection
  • Adjustable elastic band
  • Made of neoprene material for increased comfort and mobility
  • S/M - up to 7" wrist circumference
  • L/XL- greater than 7" wrist circumference
  • Also available for the left wrist