Easton Tournament Elite 11.5 inch Youth Baseball Gloves

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Easton Tournament Elite 11.5 inch Youth Baseball Gloves

Easton Tournament Elite 11.5 inch Youth Baseball Gloves

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Easton Tournament Elite 11.5 inch Youth Baseball Gloves

Be a little league legend in your team s infield this year. You can do this by playing with a glove from the Easton Sporting Goods Company. Their  brand-new lineup of Tournament Elite 11.5 inch youth gloves. The Easton Tournament Elite 11.5 inch youth baseball gloves are perfect for young second basemen, shortstops, third basemen, and pitchers. This extremely well built glove series will allow players to get a grip of every ball hit in their path. They will be able to move balls in and out of their glove pocket at lightning speeds. This is an item that will helps players in the infield learn to be quick with their glove. Here are some of this glove s great features.

One of the first things that should give those purchasing this glove confidence, is that it comes from the Easton company. Easton has a great track record in producing top of the line baseball equipment for younger players. It seems to have a great understanding of what little leaguers needs to succeed and develop their skills. All of the gloves available in Easton's Paragon Tournament Elite series come made with game ready oil tanned leather. This leather material has been given an A-plus level of treatment, which in this case includes an oil-tanning, being tumbled soft, and being pre-broken in. This leather is also quite durable, so expect to utilize this fine glove for a number of years.

Easton Tournament Elite Series Features

These Easton Tournament Elite 11.5 inch youth infield gloves are one of the best feeling defensive tools around. They have a super soft palm lining, which provides users with a top of the line feel on their glove hand. The product also features pro style lacing, which will impress your teammates and coaches. This item also includes a repositioned pinky loop to allow 2 fingers in the loop got better control of opening and closing. These gloves are available for right handed throwers only. They feature an 11.5-inch infield/pitcher pattern and a multiple Web designs. Your teammates will be telling stories about your little league play for years, after you spend a season or two using one of these Easton Tournament Elite gloves. This is a truly special item, that will help you produce results better than even before. So, order your next glove now!





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