Easton Professional Collection Hybrid 12.75 inch First Base Glove PCH-K70

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Easton Professional Collection Hybrid 12.75 inch First Base Glove PCH-K70

Easton Professional Collection Hybrid 12.75 inch First Base Glove PCH-K70

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Easton Professional Collection Hybrid 12.75 inch First Base Glove PCH-K70

The Easton Professional Collection Hybrid 12.75 inch first base glove is a large model. It is a 12.75 inch defensive weapon. It s built for the first basemen looking to prove that they are not just there because they didn't cut it at every other position. They want to demonstrate how impactful of a picking machine they can be. While most times infielders who make terrific plays will get all the recognition.  This glove will have the first basemen and their top-of-the-line glove splitting the credit 50/50.

To support its foundation and renowned reputation, the Easton Professional Collection Hybrid 12.75 inch first base glove deploys some stunning features. These include japanese tanned pro reserve leather for an advanced feel, a 60 percent player break in for a speedy process, chrome tanned Horween leather, rolled leather welting, and professional grade rawhide lace with the tensile strength of 100 pounds for maximum durability. This Easton glove series also features luxurious sheep wool that lines the wrist.

Together, these features make up a glove that will seal victory after victory for your team. Think about how many plays a first basemen is involved in per game? Now think about how better a chance your team has of winning if your first basemen rakes? Therefore, with this glove, there will be no room for doubt. As a first basemen, you ll be grinning a big grin as you record out after out.

Easton First Base Glove

The manufacturer guarantees you three things with this Easton first base glove: comfort, performance, and style. And the Easton Professional Collection Hybrid 12.75 inch first base glove is no exception. It will Redefine the first base position. No longer will people assume first basemen lack in athleticism and are only their by circumstance. These Easton first base gloves are so high-performing, players will be flocking to the first base position like never before. So buy yours from Baseball Bargains today before someone else does!

  • Hybrid Construction - Durable USA chrome tanned Horween™ steer hide leather palm and lining, combined with a lightweight Japanese tanned Professional Reserve steer hide shell back
  • Position specific professional patterns
  • Professional grade rawhide laces provide extra pocket durability
  • Rolled leather welting provides a durable shape and improves break-in time
  • Steer hide binding increases overall glove longevity
  • Luxurious sheep wool shearing fur wrist liner

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