Easton Professional Fastpitch 12 inch Pitchers Glove

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Easton Professional Fastpitch 12 inch Pitchers Glove

Easton Professional Fastpitch 12 inch Pitchers Glove

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Easton Professional Fastpitch 12 inch Pitchers Glove

The Easton Professional Fastpitch 12 inch pitchers glove is a great glove for both pitchers and infielders. It has padded pinky and thumb loops for maximum comfort every time you put the glove on your hand.

This fastpitch season, get ready to be extremely comfortable in the field when you order a mitt from the brand new line of Easton Professional Fastpitch gloves. This Easton Professional Fastpitch 12 inch pitchers glove is built to help infielders excel, and keep them comfortable in the process. The glove features hand oiled PRIMASOFT full leather lining. This lining offers users a glove feel that other companies just cannot match. This full leather lining truly gives players a high level of comfort, and a high level of glove control as well. Here are some of the other great features included in this item.

One thing to get immediately excited about with this item is the company it comes from. Easton has been one of the premier names in the sports equipment name for a number of years now, and is the place softball players go when they need a glove they can trust. After buying a few of Easton's fine products, you will understand why so many people go to Easton for their sporting good needs. Like the rest of Easton's fine Professional Fastpitch gloves, this model come made out of PREMIUM RESERVE USA steerhide leather. This material looks great, and also helps the glove be quite durable. The material of this glove is tanned, super soft and will be game ready almost immediately after you purchase it.

Easton Fastpitch Gloves

These Easton Fastpitch gloves come complete with cushioned pinky and thumb loops, which also help provide fielders with an unmatched fit and feel on their hand. The item also has a wide and deep pocket design. This is truly a great glove for fastpitch teams. This glove is available for both right handed and left handed throwers. It features a 12 inch infield/pitcher pattern and a Split Woven Web design. Comfort will be at the max for players, when using the Easton Professional Fastpitch 12 pitchers glove. And with player comfort at its highest, there is no limit to what fielders will be able to accomplish. Order one of these amazing Easton fastpitch gloves today, and watch your defensive game reap the benefits for years and years.

  • Reformulated Premium Reserve™ USA steer hide leather
  • Quantum Closure System™ provides adjustable hand opening for optimized fit and feel
  • Improved Professional style, position specific fastpitch patterns
  • Smaller hand openings for a tighter fit and more control
  • Professional grade rawhide laces provide extra pocket durability
  • Full leather lining maximizes comfort and break-in memory
  • Steer hide binding and welting enhances shape retention and glove longevity
  • Moisture-wicking wrist lining pad keeps players cool and dry