Easton Professional Fastpitch 13 inch Outfield Glove

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Easton Professional Fastpitch 13 inch Outfield Glove

Easton Professional Fastpitch 13 inch Outfield Glove

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Easton Professional Fastpitch 13 inch Outfield Glove

The Easton Professional Fastpitch 13 inch outfield glove is a great glove for outfielders to take their game to the next level. That 13 inch reach is perfect for running down balls in the gaps and making those spectacular plays in the outfield.

From the Easton Sporting Goods Company, comes a brand-new selection of Easton Professional Fastpitch gloves. This Easton Professional Fastpitch 13 inch outfield glove is extremely easy to break in. This mitt gets game-ready fast, and is an incredibly useful tool from the first pitch to the last.  All of the Easton Professional Fastpitch gloves come made out of PREMIUM RESERVE USA steer hide leather. This material not only looks great, but also makes the glove extremely durable. This will likely be a glove you can use for multiple seasons, without it wearing down. The material of this glove is tanned, super soft and will be game ready almost immediately after you purchase it.

This Easton Professional Fastpitch 13 inch outfield glove is also one of the most comfortable mitts around. It has hand oiled PRIMASOFT full leather material on its interior lining, give users an incredible feel on their glove hand. Users also are able to control the glove better than ever before, thanks to this elite lining. The glove comes complete with cushioned pinky and thumb loops, which also help provide fielders with an unmatched fit and feel on their hand. Other great features include steer hide leather binding and welting, professional grade rawhide lace (with tensile strength of 100lbs for maximum durability, and a wide and deep pocket design. This is truly a great glove for softball leagues. This item has a very professional appearance. The Easton logo is proudly displayed on the glove. This glove is available for both right handed and left handed throwers.

Easton Fastpitch Gloves

These Easton fastpitch gloves feature a 13 inch outfield pattern and a h-web design. The company in which this softball glove comes from is Easton, a sporting goods seller that has developed a tremendous track record in producing top of the line baseball and softball equipment. When choosing to purchase a glove that you plan on using for several seasons, choosing a model from the Easton company is without a doubt the way to go. It is never a bad idea to buy from one of the best. The gloves from the Professional Fastpitch line, will make sure you are ready to perform in the biggest moments during your next season on the field. The Easton Professional Fastpitch 13 inch outfield glove is a top fielding tool choice for outfielders, and is available now on here for a great price tag. Order one of these Easton fastpitch gloves as soon as possible!

  • Reformulated Premium Reserve™ USA steer hide leather
  • Quantum Closure System™ provides adjustable hand opening for optimized fit and feel
  • Improved Professional style, position specific fastpitch patterns
  • Smaller hand openings for a tighter fit and more control
  • Professional grade rawhide laces provide extra pocket durability
  • Full leather lining maximizes comfort and break-in memory
  • Steer hide binding and welting enhances shape retention and glove longevity
  • Moisture-wicking wrist lining pad keeps players cool and dry