Easton Pro 110 Maple Comp Baseball Bat

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Easton Pro 110 Maple Comp Baseball Bat

Easton Pro 110 Maple Comp Baseball Bat

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Easton Pro 110 Maple Comp Baseball Bat

Hitters can swing away with confidence this season, when they have this Easton Pro 110 Maple Comp Baseball Bat in their hands. This bat s material makeup makes it an excellent choice for any offensive player. Your swings will be at peak level during every at-bat, when using this incredible consistent tool from the Easton company. Get ready to have a great year with the bat, when you utilize this particular bat during your at-bats. The Easton Pro 110 Maple Comp comes made out of a combination of Professional Grade USA-Maple material and Easton s revolutionary composite technology. Why combine these two things? Well the result is simply outstanding. You get a bat that swings and makes contact with the baseball like a full-wood bat does. You also get a bat that s incredibly durable.

This bat will be extremely difficult to crack, which is a very good thing. That should keep customers from spending unnecessary amounts of money on their equipment. How much does Easton believe in the durability of this bat? Well the manufacturer is offering customers a 90-day warranty from the date of purchase, in case the item does become dented or broken. It is virtually impossible to find a warranty like this from other sporting good sellers. A great warranty like this one, unsurprisingly comes from the Easton sporting goods company. This provider carries an outstanding reputation for making top quality baseball equipment.

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When choosing to purchase a sporting goods product, that you plan on using on an everyday basis, Easton is always a great place to turn to. This bat is also easy to move at a fast speed through the hitting zone, thanks to its cupped end. You will be swinging quicker than you ever have before with this light as a feather bat. This product has other great qualities too, like a 110 pattern, which is perfect for contact and gap hitters. The bat s medium sized barrel gives it a great balanced feel for hitters. Its thick handle also gives the product s user a high level of bat control and swing speed.

The bat comes in three different sizes, starting as low as 31 inches long and as high as 33 inches long. This makes the bat useful for a wide-range of offensive players. If you are looking to be a high-end hitter this season, make sure you own a bat that can help you live up to that billing. The Easton Pro 110 Maple Comp Baseball Bat has off the charts durability. It can help you be a really winner at the plate. Scoop up this item from the Baseball Bargains website today!