Easton Pro 110 Maple Baseball Bat

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Easton Pro 110 Maple Baseball Bat

Easton Pro 110 Maple Baseball Bat

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Easton Pro 110 Maple Baseball Bat

If you are looking to develop into a consistent hitter at the plate, make sure you carry a bat that also performs at a consistently high level. The brand-new Easton Pro 110 Maple Baseball Bat does just that. It is full of features that allow hitters to take their games to new heights this season. The Easton Pro 110 Maple is a great item to purchase, because of its tremendous durability. This product will provide players looking for an authentic baseball experience with the feeling and crack of the bat sound that usually comes with using a wood bat. But since it is a composite wood bat, it will not break down.

This model comes made out of Professional Grade USA-Maple and the revolutionary composite technology of Easton. The material is rock hard, and looks outstanding too. This bat is also easy to move quickly through the hitting zone, thanks to its cupped end. You will be swinging faster than ever with this incredibly light bat. The maple in this bat also gives the item a greater exit velocity. This means the balls you make contact with will be hit at higher speeds than ever before. This item has other great features, like a 110 pattern, which is perfect for contact and gap hitters. The bat s medium sized barrel gives it a great balanced feel for hitters. Its thick handle also gives the product s user a high level of bat control and swing speed.

Easton Maple Bat

The bat looks professional too. Its barrel has been engraved with the Easton logo, and it comes complete with the MLB standard ink dot. The product comes in three different sizes, starting as low as 31 inches long and as high as 33 inches long. This makes the bat useful for a wide-range of players. The manufacturer of this baseball bat is Easton. Easton is a sporting goods provider that carries an outstanding reputation for producing top quality baseball equipment. When choosing to buy a sporting goods product, that you plan on using all throughout the year, Easton is always a great place to start. The Easton Pro 110 Maple Baseball Bat gives its users a quick and powerful swing, and provides them a product that should last multiple seasons. Make sure you buy this fine bat right here on the Baseball Bargains website today!