Easton Paragon 12" Youth Infield Glove P1200Y

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Easton Paragon 12" Youth Infield Glove P1200Y

Easton Paragon 12" Youth Infield Glove P1200Y

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Easton Paragon 12" Youth Infield Glove P1200Y

The future will be brighter than ever for your young player, with a glove like the Easton Paragon 12" Youth Infield Glove P1200Y on their hand. This item is from Easton s all-new roster of Paragon Series Youth gloves. These Easton youth baseball gloves will give little leaguers a great feeling mitt, that is also incredibly durable. Players in the outfield will love all that this glove has to offer. They will likely see major results in their defensive development because of it.

This item is very affordable too, so take a look at some of its finer features. These Easton gloves are for both right handed and left handed throwers. They come in a 12-inch outfield pattern and a H-Web design. All of this helps make it a great selection for any outfield player.

Easton Youth Baseball Gloves Durability

The durability levels of Easton Paragon gloves are off the charts. This is largely due to the fact that they are SELECT COWHIDE leather. This material not only looks fantastic, but also helps the mitt last a very long period of time for players. This is a glove that will last, until your young player s hand just cannot fit it in anymore. The material of these Easton gloves has been oil-tanned, tumbled soft, and is designed to be action ready for almost right after you purchase it. This Easton Paragon 12" Youth Infield Glove P1200Y is also one of the most easy-feeling mitt s around.

It s super soft palm lining gives glove handlers a terrific feel on their hand. This fine creation from Easton also features marvelous soft sponge-tricot finger lining. This lining helps the glove retain a great pocket shape over time, and finger articulation for young players. These Easton youth baseball gloves come with expert style lacing. This lacing not only looks striking, but gives the glove an even more advanced level of strength.

Easton Gloves Dependability

The company in which this great outfielder s glove comes from is Easton, a sporting goods vender that has established a fabulous track record in constructing top of the line baseball gear. When picking a sporting goods item that you plan on using regularly, choosing the Easton company is without any uncertainty is the way to go. It is never a bad idea to purchase from one of the finest. With an Easton P1200Y on their hand, legendary things should be just around the corner for your young star. Get them one of these high quality Easton youth baseball gloves today, and just sit back and watch the results they get from it.

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