Easton Ghost Fastpitch 12 inch Pitchers Glove

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Easton Ghost Fastpitch 12 inch Pitchers Glove

Easton Ghost Fastpitch 12 inch Pitchers Glove

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Easton Ghost Fastpitch 12 inch Pitchers Glove

The Easton Ghost Fastpitch 12 inch pitchers glove made of PREMIUM STEER USA leather. This is strong leather that is sure to keep the glove in top shape for years of elite play.

With a high level of comfort, durability, and a great appearance, the Easton Ghost Fastpitch 12 inch pitchers glove has just about all you can ask for in a fast pitch glove. This is an item that can help pitchers, second basemen, third basemen, and shortstops drastically improve their defensive games. How is that possible, you ask? Well here are just a few of this glove s tremendous features. This Easton Ghost Fastpitch 12 inch pitchers glove is able to provide comfort like few other gloves can. It’s hand-oiled leather palm liner gives users a terrific feel on their glove hand. In addition this glove is available for both right handed and left handed throwers.

It features a 12 inch infield/pitcher pattern and a Split Woven Web design. The product also offers rolled leather wetting, that gives the player wearing it an increased level of finger articulation. It also gives the glove a better pocket shape. Extra strength rawhide lacing covers this glove, and boy does it look great. This lacing also gives the glove the tensile strength of 100 pounds. Another feature of the Easton Ghost gloves is that they come made out of PREMIUM STEER USA leather. This material is truly something special, as it not only looks great, but also makes the glove tough and strong. This will likely be a glove you can use for multiple seasons, without it wearing down. The material of this glove is super soft and is made to be game ready almost immediately after you purchase it.

Easton Ghost Fastpitch Features

The wide and deep pockets of this glove will have you ready for softball action. The Easton Ghost Fastpitch can really help defenders dominate the middle and left side of the field. No hitter will want to hit a ball in your direction this spring, if you are wearing this great Easton mitt. So, order it today from Baseball Bargains.

  • Premium Steer™ USA leather
  • Quantum Closure SystemTM provides adjustable hand opening for optimized fit and feel
  • Supple leather lining for added comfort and feel
  • Fastpitch specific patterns designed for better fit and function
  • Smaller hand openings for a tighter fit and more control
  • Extra strength rawhide laces to reinforce glove durability
  • GNXFP12