Easton Gametime Youth Catchers Set

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Easton Gametime Youth Catchers Set

Easton Gametime Youth Catchers Set

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Easton Gametime Youth Catchers Set

The Easton Gametime Youth Catchers Set is perfect for youth catchers aged 9-12, mainly because of its sizing. If you check the particular specifications for each of the pieces included in the set, you can make sure it will be a good fit for your young catcher.

Easton Youth Catchers Gear

The Easton Gametime Youth Catchers Set contains an Easton Gametime catcher s helmet with a gloss-finished . The helmet has an ABS shell and is also has NOCSAE approval. Therefore, the Easton Gametime catcher s helmet is legal for use in most leagues. The set also includes a youth chest protector. The chest protector has a multi-layer foam that is ventilated for breathability. The foam also deadens balls that you block with the chest protector. As a result, nothing will get by you. Additionally, the Easton Gametime catchers gear set features double knee leg guards with a removable liner. The Easton Gametime Youth Catchers Set has everything a youth catcher needs to be comfortable, cool, and protected behind the plate. If sizing on one or more of the pieces of the set is an issue, you can purchase the pieces separately and mix and match sizes and colors. So, purchase your Easton M7 catchers gear set today on the Baseball Bargains website.


Easton Gametime Youth Catchers Gear Set Includes:

Easton Gametime Helmet Features:

  • High-grade ABS plastic shell with Dual-density foam padding
  • Sleek gloss finish
  • 18 strategic ventilation ports, keeping players cool as a result
  • Size: Youth (fits hat sizes 6 1/2" - 7 1/8")
  • Meets NOCSAE standards

Easton Gametime Leg Guards Features:

  • Size: 14"
  • Double kneecap design
  • IKP (Inner Knee Protection) with strategic memory foam placement
  • Removable, rather than immovable liner, since it is machine washable

Easton Gametime Chest Protector Features:

  • Meets NOCSAE standards
  • Length: 15 inch
  • Multi-layer foam construction reduces ball rebound
  • Strategically placed vent ports to keep players comfortable
  • Removable shoulder cap with Velcro for easy on/off
  • Removable groin protector instead of a built-in one.