Easton Flagship 12 inch Pitchers Glove

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Easton Flagship 12 inch Pitchers Glove

Easton Flagship 12 inch Pitchers Glove

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Easton Flagship 12 inch Pitchers Glove

The Easton Flagship 12 inch pitchers glove is the perfect glove to help positions such as pitcher and third base handle all of the high pressure situations they are faced with over the course of a game. This glove is ready for anything a game might throw at it.

Third basemen deal with plenty of pressure in the field. There is a reason they refer to the position as the hot corner, because ball comes at you fast and hard there. Maybe no one in the field is under more pressure than the pitcher. The fielding they have to do can often be stressful, with so much responsibility already on their plate. For players at these high-stress positions, a great fielding glove can be a big help. Fortunately this Easton Flagship 12 inch pitchers glove from the new Easton Flagship line is now available to order, and is a mitt of tremendous quality, specifically designed for third basemen and pitchers. This glove can be ordered for right handed and left handed throwers.

It features a split solid web and a 12-inch infield/pitcher pattern. The item comes made out of DIAMOND PRO STEER leather material, that helps gives the item a great appearance. It also makes the glove super strong. This is a glove with a quick and easy break-in time, so you can take the field with it almost as soon as you order it. It is also an incredibly durable glove, so once you get going with this mitt, it will be forever before you have to slow down to buy a new glove. This Easton Flagship 12" Pitchers Glove FS1200 is a comfortable mitt choice. Its interior has cushioned pinky and thumb loops, which gives users an unmatched fit and feel on their fielding hand.

Easton Flagship Features

It also comes with hand oiled classic cowhide palm and finger lining, giving fielders even more comfort and control in their glove hand. The product also features split grain leather welting, which adds strength and rigidity to reinforce the shape of the shell. It also gives the glove a better pocket shape. The glove comes complete with USA tanned professional rawhide lacing. This lacing not only looks attractive, but gives the glove the tensile strength of 100 pounds. The Easton Flagship 12 inch pitchers glove is a glove constructed to thrive in high pressure situations, and is the glove you want on your hand when playing high pressure positions like third base and pitcher. Order this mitt now, and do so right here on our Baseball Bargains website.

SKU: 8071054

Model: FS-D45