Easton Flagship 12.75 inch First Base Glove

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Easton Flagship 12.75 inch First Base Glove

Easton Flagship 12.75 inch First Base Glove

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Easton Flagship 12.75 inch First Base Glove

The Easton Flagship 12.75 inch first base glove is a high quality glove made out of great leather that is sure to get the job done at first base. Easton considers it the greatest gloves they've made.

If you are a first baseman looking for one of the best quality gloves around, picking a mitt from the new Easton Flagship selection is the way to go, and here is why. Elite craftsmen took the time to carefully construct these Easton Flagship gloves. The stitch lines, welts, finger lines, binding, leather, laces, and fit and feel of this glove have all been individually inspected according to the Easton company. They have also receive a premium level of care and attention. The Easton Flagship 12.75 inch first base glove is a glove that will be truly amazing in the field. It is something you should order as soon as possible.

All of the Easton Flagship gloves come made out of Premium DIAMOND PRO STEER leather tanned material. This leather has been chosen because of its unique meshing of strength and softness. The glove includes strong fibers that help the leather be super durable. Meanwhile the softness of the leather gives users a feel that perfectly fits around their hand the first time they use it. This Easton Flagship 12.75 inch first base glove also maintains a high comfort level because of its interior. This is because the interior has cushioned pinky and thumb loops. The interior also offers hand oiled classic cowhide finger and palm lining, giving fielders even more comfort and control in their glove hand. The product also features USA tanned professional rawhide lacing. This lacing not only looks well above par, but gives the glove the tensile strength of 100 pounds.

Easton Flagship Features

It features a 12.75 inch first base pattern. Easton has claimed this is the best glove they have ever made, and that is a bold statement, considering all the great gloves they have made over the years. This is a sporting goods company that has dominated the industry for years, and have done so by consistently doing amazing things for their customers. The Easton Flagship 12.75 inch first base glove will impress first baseman everywhere with everything that it has to offer. Greatness is just around the corner after you order this glove, so get this item as soon as you can!

Model:  FS-J70

SKU: 8071058