Easton FireFly Fastpitch Softball Bat Drop 12

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Easton FireFly Fastpitch Softball Bat Drop 12

Easton FireFly Fastpitch Softball Bat Drop 12

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Easton FireFly Fastpitch Softball Bat Drop 12

The Easton FireFly fastpitch softball bat drop 12 is a light weight full composite model. It is a 2-piece model that is assembled with Easton's patented Connexion technology that absorbs vibration to give the batter a  soft feel on contact. The composite construction provides uniform strength throughout the entire bat.  The bat has a softer, more flexible barrel fresh out of the wrapper.

This drop 12 fastpitch softball bat provides a lighter swing weight for players looking to increase their bat speed and bat control.  If you struggle to get the drop 10 bats through the strike zone, this Easton fastpitch softball bat is the modle for you. The Easton FireFly fastpitch softball bat drop 12 is constructed to have an evenly balanced swing weight.  This further increases the hitters bat control and makes the bat feel even lighter.

Easton Fastpitch Softball Bats

Easton fastpitch softball bats have been the most popular models for over a decade.  They offer more models with multiple weight drops so every player can get a fastpitch bat that has the feel they are looking for. If you have never swung an Easton Fastpitch softball bat, you don't know what your missing.  Actually, you are missing points off of your batting average and distance off of your ball put in play.  Improve your game this season with one of the great  Easton fastpitch softball bats on our website.  If you are looking for a bat to help you get through the zone, be sure to check out the Easton FireFly fastpitch softball bat drop 12.

  • Seamless Carbon Construction runs the length of the barrel providing uniform strength and perfectly tuned max performance for a softer more flexible barrel right out of the wrapper
  • 2-piece ConneXion+TM technology features Nitrocell™ foam creating a lighter and better feeling connection between handle and barrel
  • Computer-controlled Precision Molding Technology produces an ultra-consistent, lightweight wall for optimal performance in every swing
  • Evenly-balanced swing weight provides optimized balance point for fast swing speed
  • Ultra-thin 29/32" handle with 1.2mm Hyperskin™ grip
  • Drop 12


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