Easton Fence Rack A162404

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Easton Fence Rack A162404

Easton Fence Rack A162404

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Easton Fence Rack A162404 Features:

Easton continues to show their power in the game of baseball by producing great equipment year after year. This Easton Fence Rack is an innovative product that works as an extremely convenient bat rack that is applied easily. The Fence Rack is made up of molded fiberglass. This gives the product a long lasting feel that is sure to last. The Easton Rack has multiple stainless steel hooks allowing it to hang on the dugout fence. Easton has once again built a high-quality protect that will help ballplayers focus on the game. Few pieces of equipment in baseball are more expensive than bats. Especially today s aluminum bats with all of the bells and whistles. If you are going to spend hundreds of dollars on baseball and softball bats, those bats need too stay off the ground and out of harms way. It is not uncommon at all to see the dugout floor of a little league or even high school game littered with bats of every shape and size.You will see them thrown against the fence or tossed lazily on top of equipment bags. You need to take care of your bat. Take care of your bat an it will provide for you.. That is why the Easton Fence Rack A162404 is such a valuable and versatile tool. Not only does it create a more concise and organized dugout, it also protects a significant investment by players and parents. Coaches can feel comfortable knowing his or her players are aware where their equipment is at all times. Knowing where equipment is at all times helps limit stress in the dugout. Keeping players calm and focused before and after at bats can lead to better results as well.
  • Durable molded fiberglass rack
  • Holds twelve bats
  • Stainless steel hooks