Easton Elevate Alloy BBCOR Baseball Bat BB19EL

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Easton Elevate Alloy BBCOR Baseball Bat BB19EL

Easton Elevate Alloy BBCOR Baseball Bat BB19EL

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Easton Elevate Alloy BBCOR Baseball Bat, BB19EL

The Easton Elevate Alloy BBCOR Baseball Bat, BB19EL takes ALX100 Military Grade Alloy to new heights. Conveniently, this material takes baseball to new heights as well. With a guaranteed faster swing speed, the balls will travel at higher velocities than ever before when their batted off this drop 3 offensive juggernaut. So buy today and see the results shine through in the scorebook as early as tomorrow.

Additionally, this Elevate Series bat features a cushioned 2.2mm FLEX grip. This provides comfort and ensures your hands will remain on the bat while it travels through the zone. From the initial load to the point of extension, you ll have both hands secure on the bat, ready to do the damage that this bat can maximize like none other on the market. So don t look elsewhere; this is the bat for you.

Easton BBCOR Bats:

The forged end capped Elevate represents excellence in batting because of it s slick feel and performance. It also includes a sharp, Red , Black and White design that lets everyone in the ballpark know who s strutting up to the plate. Swing for the moon and you ll be sure to reach the stars; and anything less will still be far over the fence. This will ensure endless victories for you team while never letting up its unparalleled comfort and style.

Easton prides themselves on manufacturing all of their products with the customer in focus. Their Elevate BBCOR Drop 3 Baseball Bat, BB19EL from the Elevate series is no exception. It s a bat that rakes more often than not. Do you want to try your hand with a company that says they offer the best, or do you want to purchase a bat form a company who can prove it to you? If you prefer the latter, then you re thinking in the right. This bat will confirm its worth on opening day upon your very first in-game swing with it. So write your own history by purchasing it from Baseball Bargains today to watch the pieces all fall perfectly into place come tomorrow!

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