Easton Blackstone 12.75" Outfield Glove BL1275

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Easton Blackstone 12.75" Outfield Glove BL1275

Easton Blackstone 12.75" Outfield Glove BL1275

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Easton Blackstone 12.75" Outfield Glove BL1275

The Easton Blackstone 12.75" Outfield Glove BL1275 glove is a 12.75 in outfielder s glove that will get the job done for you at any level of baseball. It s nice leather and Black color will also have you looking great on the field.

Does your team rely on you to play great outfield defense on a consistent basis? Well if they do, you should help yourself meet your team s lofty expectations, by ordering one of Easton s great outfield gloves. From Easton s new Blackstone glove collection comes the Easton Blackstone BL1275. This is a model that will help you become a must-watch defender in your league. This is a mitt for any outfield player, and here are some of its great new features. This glove is available for right handed and left handed throwers.

Easton Outfield Glove

It features a 12.75-inch outfield pattern and a H-Web design, that is perfect for outfield players. The Easton company really comes through with this defensive gem. This is a company that comes through for players over and over again. It is a place you can feel comfortable getting a reliable glove from. You never have to worry about poor quality, when you order from Easton. One of the best parts about Easton Blackstone gloves, is the SELECT COWHIDE leather. This leather gives the glove a super soft feel, but is also allows it to be incredibly tough at the same time. Durability is what you get with this strong leather material, and is what the Easton company thinks you deserve. The glove also comes to your game ready, and needs barely any oiling to break in.

This Easton Core Pro 1275DBT glove also can confidently declare itself one of the most comfortable mitts around. It s hand-oiled leather palm liner gives users an ideal feel on their glove hand. The glove s rolled leather wetting is also a selling point for the item, as gives the glove a better pocket shape, and helps it keep that shape over time. Last, but not least, this glove has professional rawhide lacing. This lacing gives the mitt a one of a kind appearance, and also provides it with the tensile strength of 100 pounds.

The Easton Blackstone 12.75" Outfield Glove BL1275 can help you be the outfield hero your team needs this season. It comes available right here on the Baseball Bargains website, is just what you need to take your defensive game to another level this baseball year. Order now!

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