DeMarini ZOA USSSA Big Barrel Baseball Bat Drop 8

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DeMarini ZOA USSSA Big Barrel Baseball Bat Drop 8

DeMarini ZOA USSSA Big Barrel Baseball Bat Drop 8

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DeMarini ZOA USSSA Big Barrel Baseball Bat Drop 8

The DeMarini ZOA USSSA big barrel baseball bat drop 8 is an enormous source of power. The ZOA name is taking the baseball game by storm. The drop 8 version of this bat is perfect for players trying to build the strength before they need to transition to a drop 3 bat. With the giant 2 3/4 inch barrel, players will be able to hit better than ever. With the great construction of this bat, DeMarini provides the average player with a weapon that will increase their productivity at the plate. The DeMarini ZOA USSSA big barrel baseball bat drop 8  features extra pop, and better overall feel on contact. It all starts with the excellent composite of this bat. The CF Zen has a Continuous Fiber composite barrel. It is constructed so as to have a huge sweetspot. You will be deadly at the plate with this USSSA bat in your hands. To optimize the distribution of weight throughout the barrel, DeMarini uses a two piece composite construction.

DeMarini ZOA Bat

DeMarini ZOA bat models are very durable. However, to put customers minds at ease, Demarini provides players with a 1 year warranty on their bats to ensure customer satisfaction. This results in complete customer satisfaction because they know that if anything goes wrong DeMarini has their back. With the USSSA stamp of approval, DeMarini makes sure you can use it your league. DeMarini is recognized  every year for their excellence. This DeMarini CF Zen bat truly represents the quality produced by this industry leader. Get the best deal on this DeMarini ZOA USSSA big barrel bat drop 8 DXC8Z-22 here at Baseball Bargains.

  • Continuous Fiber Composite Barrel: Long, uninterrupted threads of carbon fiber composite material shaped into a barrel create superior strength and consistency across a larger optimized hitting area or sweet spot.
  • Anomaly Connection: Pairs the barrel with a stiff, composite handle to offer feedback while maximizing comfort, bat speed and energy transfer on contact.
  • Anomaly End Cap: Designed to work with composite barrels, using light and durable materials to reduce swing weights, improve bat control and optimize performance.
  • Two-Piece Composite Construction: Designed for improved weight distribution that allows for great balance, bat speed and barrel control
  • Barrel Diameter: 2 3/4"
  • Series: ZOA
  • Barrel Material: Composite
  • Certification: USSSA
  • Weight Drop -10
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty