Demarini Spectre Backpack

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Demarini Spectre Backpack

Demarini Spectre Backpack

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Demarini Spectre Backpack

The Demarini backpack has been upgraded to the new Demarini Special Ops Spectre Backpack. When it comes to buying and equipment bag, players desire a backpack that is stylish, comfortable and convenient. The Demarini Special Ops Spectre Backpack manages to succeed in all of those categories. The product s dimensions are 13.5"W x 8.5"D x 24"H, providing plenty of space for a player s equipment. It is more spacious than the Demarini backpack. The product can hold up to four bats at a time, which make it easy to transport your baseball and softball bats to and from the dugout. Also in the bag, a compartment specially made for a player s shoes and cleats. This compartment is vented, ensuring that the shoes do not develop moisture or an odor while inside the backpack. It is also washable.

Demarini Backpacks

Demarini Spectre Backpack is one of the most durable backpacks on the market. It is the revised version of the preceding Demearini Black Ops bag. It is specially made with padded shoulder straps and back paneling. The J style fence hook attached to the product makes it easy to latch it on to a nearby wired fence when not carrying it. Doing this can help keep your bag away from potential damage it could receive when on the dugout floor or in the grass. This backpack features a traditional, sharp look. It also manages to safely hold player helmets, gloves and additional gear. This bag is also very lightweight compared to the Demarini Black Ops bag. This helps eliminate any additional aches and pains that normally come with carrying equipment bags. Lastly, there is a removable decoration panel that comes with this product.

Demarini Bags

Demarini bags are as reliable as they come. That s why if you purchase this Demarini Spectre bat pack, you will know a top notch sporting goods manufacturer was behind its creation the entire way. Demarini is a company that has built a reputation as one of the best in the industry. When buying an item that you plan on using for a long time, the name of the brand you re buying it from is important. DeMarini is a brand name that certainly will not let you down. The Demarini Spectre Backpack is spacious, durable, easy to move around and great looking too. Do not wait until after the season is over to purchase one of these DeMarini bags. Purchase this extremely affordable Demarini bat pack today. Model: WB57176