DeMarini CF USA T Ball Bat Drop 13 DXUCT-20

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DeMarini CF USA T Ball Bat Drop 13 DXUCT-20

DeMarini CF USA T Ball Bat Drop 13 DXUCT-20

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Sku: WTDXUCT-20-25-12oz
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DeMarini CF USA T Ball Bat Drop 13 DXUCT-20

The DeMarini CF USA T ball bat DXUCT-20 is the perfect option for players to enjoy their very first encounters with the game of baseball.  Tee ball is the first time that kids play the game of baseball, so their first impression of the game may cause them to keep playing or stop. So, maybe they don t like their bat and their impression of their game is faulty. But, with this Demarini tee ball bat players will fall in love with this game. The CF family are great bats and even at the youngest level this is true. Meeting the new USA baseball standards you re ready to go with this Demarini T ball bat.

Demarini T Ball Bat

Besides looking awesome with a sleek black and blue barrel and the light blue handle, this Demarini t ball bat has features that are awesome. It comes in sizes 25 inches 12 ounces and 26 inches 13 ounces. This Demarini tee ball bat comes with a TP composite handle which promotes a light flex for better performance on the field. The DeMarini CF USA T ball bat comes stacked with a 2 1/2 inch barrel that is perfect for tee ball players just learning to swing. There s truly no better option for tee ball players than this DeMarini T ball bat.

For the youngsters there is truly not a better brand for buying bats than DeMarini. They care about their customers like nobody else. So, as players are learning the game, they need a bat that will help them perfect their swing as a young kid. This is helpful so when they are older they don t have any bad habits they developed at a young age. Come get your kid the perfect Demarini t ball bat right here at Baseball Bargains!

Model: WTDXUCT-20