Bownet Portable Pitching Screen Protective Net

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Bownet Portable Pitching Screen Protective Net | BowPS

Bownet Portable Pitching Screen Protective Net | BowPS

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Bownet Portable Pitching Screen Protective Net

The Bownet Portable Pitching Screen Protective Net is the newest innovation from the Bownet company. This super light weight protective screen is only 15 pounds. This makes the net extremely portable. So, you can easily transport this net to any field or practice facility. The net fits in a bag that measures 47 inches by 8 inches by 6 inches. So, it will fit easily into any vehicle. This Bownet portable pitching screen has taken the industry by storm. Coaches are always looking to stay safe when throwing batting practice. As players get older, pitching batting practice becomes more dangerous. As a result, balls can come back at you ridiculously fast. That is why you should always use a pitching screen. Being portable is essential to be able to use it on any field. However, that is not the best feature of this Bownet portable pitching screen. The set up time is what is most impressive. You can set up or break down this net in as little as 90 seconds. Practice time is limited. So, why waste any of it by having to assemble a different pitching screen.

Bownet Pitching Screen Durability

At first glance, you may think that this protective pitching screen is flimsy. You may think that there is no way that it can stop a hard smash back up the middle. Well in this case looks are deceiving. This net absorbs the impact of hard smashes back at the pitcher. The creative design absorbs and deadens the impact of baseballs and softballs hit back at you. So, you stay safe. Bownet has taken over the protective field equipment market. They offer a wide variety of portable screens and nets to allow coaches to stay safe and run hitting and fielding drills with little risk of injury. So, add this Bownet portable pitching screen to your cart today.
  • Portable Pitching Screen
  • Weight - 15lbs.
  • Bag Size - 48" x 12"
  • Box Weight - 18lbs.
  • Shipping Box Size - 47" x 8" x 6"
  • Set Up Time: 90 Sec.
  • BowPSBownet