Bownet Fielder Practice Net In

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Bownet Fielder Practice Net In | Bow-Infielder

Bownet Fielder Practice Net In | Bow-Infielder

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Sku: Bow-Infielder
Product Type: Training and Field Equipment
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Bownet Fielder Practice Net In-Fielder Practice Net Features:

Baseball is one of those games that is ridden with failure and mistakes. Trying to perfect the craft of baseball is impossible. However, through a lot of hard work a practice you can become a great ballplayer in this game. Fielding is one of the aspects of the game that can be the hardest of all. TheBownet Fielder Practice Net is a great training aid that will help you practice throws from all around the diamond. The Bownet Fielder Practice Net is similar to the Bownet big mouth, but the opening is smaller, this is ideal for fielding. With a set up time of 60 seconds you will be able to assemble and use this product in almost no time. This fielders net comes from the incredibly reliable company of Bownet. Bownet creates training aids of all kinds, Hitting nets, pitching nets, fielding nets. and also other practice and protection aids. The Bownet Fielder Practice Net is one of the reasons this company has had so much success. This fielders net will have players, coaches, and also parents raving about how good it is. This product is one of the most versatile and also durable products on the market. This product is true definition of bang for your buck. Coming in at a reasonable price tag there is absolutely no reason why you should not purchase this product. Therefore, have this on the field for your upcoming season. The Bownet Fielder Practice Net is available right here on the Baseball Bargains website. If you want your fielding practice to become a whole lot easier and more consistent you can not miss out on this product. So, order the Bownet In-Fielder Practice Net today.
  • Weight - 2 lbs.
  • Bag Size - 12" x 12" x 12"
  • Set Up Time: 60 Sec
  • Backyard practice
  • Net Only - Fits 7 X 7 Frame
  • Bow-Infielder