B45 Pro Select Stock B13 Birch Baseball Bat

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B45 Pro Select Stock B13 Birch Baseball Bat

B45 Pro Select Stock B13 Birch Baseball Bat

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B45 Pro Select Stock B13 Birch Baseball Bat Features:

Now available right here on the Baseball Bargains website is this high quality B13c Pro Select Stock Bat. This bat is top-heavy, but features a smaller barrel size than most top-heavy bats. This gives hitters the perfect mixture of power and balance in their swing when using this fantastic item. This bat comes from a company that now has Major League Baseball superstar Carlos Gonzalez as one of its biggest ambassadors, so this product is definitely worth taking a hard look at. With this bat, you will soon be swinging like an MLB all-star. The B243v Pro Select Stock Bat is a great choice for expert hitters, looking for a little extra pop in their swing. The product s flared knob also provides batters with a more balanced swing, helping them make better contact than ever before and reduce their amount of strike outs. This bat comes made out of incredibly dense wood, that will not break down on players. Like all B45 baseball company bats, this item is handcrafted from Pro Select Yellow Birch material. This makes this bat model more durable than most of its competitors. Baseball bats can be quite pricey these days, so buy a bat that is very durable. That is definitely the case with this Pro Select Stock bat. The product also comes with a 0.94 inch handle and a 2.51 inch barrel. This is a great bat choice for players transitioning from aluminum to wood bats. It gives players a wood bat feel, with the durability of an aluminum bat. This bat comes with a professional and sleek looking design, and features the B45 company logo in silver. It also comes in many different design color choices, with the color black heavily featured. The product comes from the B45 baseball company, a manufacturer with the mission of reaching the apex of the baseball world. This company was began in Quebec City, Canada, and has continued to use tremendous Yellow Birch material. This company has been making some of the best bats around. The B45 company bats have been approved for professional play for almost a decade now, and are becoming a favorite in both the pro and amateur player communities. If you buy this bat, it will quickly become one of your favorites too. When one of the best hitters in the game of baseball today says he likes a baseball bat, you should pay attention. Carlos Gonzalez, or í_¥Ë_CarGo? as he is known by many, has put his full endorsement behind the bats in the B45 company, and you absolutely should too. The B243v Pro Select Stock Bat will have players hitting with more power than ever before This will help you become a force in your team s lineup. This high quality bat is available now on the Baseball Bargains website at a price tag that customers will love. Make sure you order one up as soon as possible!
  • .94 inch handle
  • 2.51 inch barrel
  • Flared Knob
  • Top Heavy
  • Hand crafted
  • B13