Atec High Durability Tuffy Tee *

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Atec High Durability Tuffy Tee *| WTAT7375

Atec High Durability Tuffy Tee *| WTAT7375

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Sku: WTAT7375
Product Type: Training and Field Equipment
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Atec High Durability Tuffy Tee Features:

Any player who desires to be a professional ballplayer one day needs to perfect the basic mechanics. Hitting off a tee is one of the oldest training methods in the book. There is a reason this method of training is still around today, it works. The Atec High Durability Tuffy Tee is also one of the best tees on the market. This tee will be able to withstand all those hard hacks you will be taking off of it. The Atec High Durability Tuffy Tee uses high strength yellow Polyurethane to ensure this tee does not break. This tee also features an up and down adjustable feature, allowing you to practice on pitches all around the hitting zone. Coming from Atec this product will definitely be of high quality. Atec is a company that produces some of the highest quality products in the game. This tee is no exception to the consistent greatness of Atec. This tee is in fact one of the best products from Atec and receives some of the highest praise. The yellow color of this tee also allows it to pop. Tees are not only for those who are looking to make it all the way to the pros. A tee is a great way to fine tune your game. The process of baseball is perfectly depicted through the tee. A lot of hard work day in and day out for a general trend of improvement. This tee is great for those looking to maybe make a summer travel team, a school team, and also the pros. So, if you want this quality product order it here today from Baseball Bargains. Do not miss out on this product because you will be able to make incredible strides when using this product to practice.
  • Single position tee
  • High strength yellow polyurethane
  • Front plate tee position
  • Quick adjustment and take down
  • WTAT7375