All Star The Pick FG100TM 9.5 inch Training Glove

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All Star The Pick FG100TM 9.5 inch Training Glove

All Star The Pick FG100TM 9.5 inch Training Glove

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All Star The Pick FG100TM 9.5" Training Mitt Features:

The All Star The Pick FG100TM 9.5" training mitt is designed by some of the best glove makers on the market to help players get better. At just 9.5 inches in length, this training glove is much smaller than a traditional All Star glove. The smaller size reduces the margin of error causing you to concentrate. This additional focus helps improve fundamentals and improve confidence in the field. As a result, this All Star training glove will increase hand speed and reaction time. By the time you put on your real glove and take the field, it will feel like you have more room than ever. All Star has a long history of providing excellence in glove making and The Pick Training Mitt is no different. This All Star training glove is perfect for infielders trying to get better but it does not stop there. Outfielders can also find benefits from this training glove as well. Many professional players utilize training gloves to stay sharp. If you are looking to advance your infield skills with a training aid for ground balls, you have found the the glove that you need in the FG100TM. Used by many training professionals ranging from High School, College, Minor and Major Leagues.

All Star Training Glove - Utilize the reflexive and responsive benefits.

There a number of drills associated with this All Star training glove that are very useful. Some of the best drills can be simply taking ground balls on infield dirt or turf. Some that can be done indoors would be a short range drill where someone would roll you ground balls to either side while you fielded them on your knees. Honestly, due to the design of the training glove, performing everyday infield practice like you normally would but with an All Star The Pick FG100TM will yield noticeable differences in your defensive game.
  • All Star The Pick FG100TM
  • 9.5"
  • Helps develop fast hands and improved coordination
  • FG100TM