Allstar SEI Certified Top Star Series Catchers Set Ages 12-16

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Allstar SEI Certified Top Star Series Catchers Set Ages 12-16

Allstar SEI Certified Top Star Series Catchers Set Ages 12-16

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Allstar SEI Certified Top Star Series Catchers Set Ages 12-16

The Allstar SEI Certified Top Star Series Catchers Set Ages 12-16 is designed to help players in their early to mid-teenage years excel. The ages of 12 through 16 are critically important make or break years of a young catcher's development.  Catchers can always use every advantage they can get to help them to play their best.  It is a wise purchase for players in that age group. This set comes with a catchers helmet, chest protector, a pair of leg guards and a throat guard.

All Star Catchers Gear 12 16

All parts of this set are constructed with care. The set offered by the All Star Sporting Goods Company. They make some of the most durable and safe sets of catching equipment in the game today. This Tpo Star set includes a catcher's helmet, which has been strengthened to keep the head of the player protected. This catchers helmet has been fortified with an impact-resistant and molded ABS plastic shell. So if a ball is ever hit or thrown towards a catcher's head, they will be safe from injury. The set also features a highly protective CPCC-TS-1216 chest protector model. This protector is 15.5 inches and includes built-in sternum plates and multi-layer foam padding. This keeps the torso of the catcher safe from top to bottom. A pair of top quality LG-TS-1216 15 inch leg guards also are a part of this amazing set. The leg guards use shock-resistant plastic, and have full wing padding. This will help keep your legs free from harm over the course of a long season. The leg guards will also help you remain cool and comfortable at all times, thanks to their high breathability. So this All Star catchers gear 12 16 will protect you from head to toe.

All Star Catchers Gear

With the Allstar SEI Certified Top Star catchers set ages 12-16 you can easily find a color to match the color scheme of your team.  There are five great looking color options. Your choices include black, graphite, navy, royal, and scarlet. You can feel confident behind the plate with this set because it comes from a top of the line sporting goods company. All Star Sporting Goods, has developed a reputation as one of the best baseball and softball equipment providers in the industry. Over the years, the All Star company has helped catchers play their best. Allstar SEI Certified Top Star series catchers set Ages 12-16 is one of the top sets available for intermediate sized players. So order now!

All Star catchers gear Player Series set:

  • Ages 12-16 Catchers Kit
  • SEI Certified / Meets NOCSAE Standards
  • Catchers helmet - size range 7"-7 1/2"
  • CPCC-TS-1216 Chest Protector - 15.5"
  • LG-TS-1216 leg guard - 15"
  • Throat guard included
  • Colors: Black, Graphite, Navy, Royal, Scarlet