All Star Knee Saver 3 KS-3

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All Star Knee Saver 3 KS-3

All Star Knee Saver 3 KS-3

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All Star Knee Saver 3 KS-3 Features

In order for catchers to put together All Star level seasons, they need to keep their knees feeling fresh over the course of a long season. This All Star Knee Saver 3 KS-3 will help catchers do just that. These knee pads go above in beyond in keeping the knees of any catcher comfortable and pain free. Thus, they are a great tool for those looking to become durable players behind the plate. The All Star Knee Saver 3 KS-3 provides knees with a tremendous amount of support and cushioning. The design of this item makes squatting behind the plate a much easier experience for players. This product will help reduce the amount of stress on an older catcher s knee. Thus, they will help relieve any joint pain they might experience. They are also easy to attach to any pair of traditional and Delta Flex straps. Extra-long traditional straps are included on this item. This item is extremely light, weighing just a quarter of a pound, and will never weigh down the knees of the catcher using it. Players will also maintain a great amount of mobility and flexibility when using this knee saver.

All Star Knee Saver Options

The product is intended for adult and youth players. It comes available in two different size options and also in six different colors. Color options include black, dark green, grey, navy, royal, and scarlet. Even with small items like this one, color customization is always welcomed by players. Those that decide to purchase this terrific knee saver can feel satisfied, because they know that the product comes from a top of the line sporting goods company. All Star Sporting Goods, has developed a reputation as one of the best baseball and softball equipment providers in the industry. Over the years, the All Star company has aided thousands of players in putting together All Star level seasons. They can also do the same for you. Every catcher, adult or child, should make sure these All Star Knee Saver 3 KS-3 are cushioning their knees as they take the field this season. They will help ensure that catchers have an enjoyable and stress-free baseball or softball year, and keep them playing at their best. These supports come a great low price, so add them to your Baseball Bargains shopping cart today. Order as soon as possible! SKU - KS3

  • Knee sports
  • Compatable with DeltaFlex
  • Extra-long traditional strap
  • MODEL KS-3, KS-3Y