All Star Umpire Starter Kit

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All Star Umpire Starter Kit

All Star Umpire Starter Kit

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All Star Umpire Starter Kit

The All Star umpire starter kit has everything you need to get behind the plate. This Umpire gear set comes complete with a pair of leg guards, chest protector and umpire mask. In addition, you also get the needed accessories.  This All Star umpire starter kit comes with an umpire indicator, plate brush and ball bag. Take the field in style with this affordable umpire gear set.

The umpire facemask is an FM25EXT model with I-bar vision which increases the strength and provides 40% greater visibility. The chin and forehead pads have a leather interior and vinyl exterior. The Umpire chest protector is model number CPU26. It is fully adjustable. The chest protector has a multilayered construction that uses low bounce foam to deaden the impact of a baseball. This umpire chest protector provides shoulder coverage and has optional bicep padding included. The leg guards included with this umpire gear set are model ULG1.  They are 17 inch umpire leg guards with a single knee design. The wrap around design along with the three harness straps keep the leg guard secure.  Thus, you will be thoroughly protected.  

This Umpire kit is from the leader in baseball protective equipment.  All Star uses their expertise from their catchers gear to create some of the best catchers gear on the market.  With the All Star umpire starter kit, you get great protection and comfort at  a very affordable price.

All Star Umpire Gear Set Contains:

  • Face Mask - FM25EXT
  • Chest Protector - CPU26 -  Hardened HDPE plates are concealed under the fabric for a clean, low-profile look.
  • Leg Guards - ULG1 - 17 inch -  Single knee umpire leg guards with high impact resistant plastic parts. Wrap around shins and three harness straps keep this leg guard secure.
  • Umpire Ball Bag
  • Umpire Indicator
  • Plate Brush