All Star Tiger Stick Grip Enhancer

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All Star Tiger Stick Grip Enhancer | GRIP93

All Star Tiger Stick Grip Enhancer | GRIP93

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All Star Tiger Stick Grip Enhancer | GRIP93 :

If you ve been around a baseball field that uses wood bats, you ve likely seen a Tiger Stick. Although many see this as a source of Pine Tar, it is not. Yes, it has the same purpose, but it is a different formula for stickiness. It is made of a wax-based substance. Obviously, the substance must be good because pine tar was a dominant force in the grip aid market. So, the fact that this product came all the way to the top shows how great the Tiger Stick pine tar is. So, the next time you re looking for a grip aid for your wood bat go with the GRIP93. The manufacturer of Tiger Stick is All Star, so you know you are getting a quality product. All Star is one of the best companies around the game of baseball, so the Tiger Stick pine tar does not fall short of the standard that All Star now has for all of their products. They do not want to disappoint their loyal customers, so they produce the This item with the same care as any of their other equipment. This also shows the great innovation of All Star, because they went away from the crowd and made their own grip aid.

Tiger Stick Pine Tar

Besides the fact that it is a great product to use for wood bats, and as a bat grip in general, it is also easy to use. You simply peel of the outside covering to expose the wax. Then, you rub it on your bat. Yes, it is that simple. Tiger Stick pine tar is now the choice for many professional players and elite players at all levels. It is also extremely long lasting, so time and time again when you need more grip, you ve got it in your equipment bag. Also, it eliminates any unwanted moisture on the bat along with just being sticky. So, players will get the ultimate grip when they step up to the plate. This is possibly the most important part of the swing. This is because if it is slightly lost, then the entire swing will be off. So, the next time you re looking for a new pine tar stick, the choice is clear. The only viable option you have to flourish on the field is Tiger Stick. All Star provides players with this excellent product, so be sure to make use of it. Come find this great product at the Baseball Bargains website.

Tiger Stick Features:

  • Batting Grip
  • Works for wood or metal bats
  • GRIP93