All Star 12 inch Fastpitch Pitchers Glove FGWAS-1200CK

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All Star 12 inch Fastpitch Pitchers Glove FGWAS-1200CK

All Star 12 inch Fastpitch Pitchers Glove FGWAS-1200CK

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All Star 12 inch Fastpitch Pitchers Glove FGWAS-1200CK 

The All star 12 inch fatpitch pitchers glove is now available in two colors. If you are a player that defends all over the softball field for your team, then you need to make sure you have a glove that can help you excel at every position. The All Star 12 inch fastpitch pitchers glove is the ultimate glove for the utility player, or any softball player. Thus. it is an item you need to add for your next season. The All Star 12 inch fastpitch pitchers glove features unique hand positioning. This gives the players wearing it too have an extra-large fielding area to work with. Users of this glove will be able to grab hold on any softball in their sight with this fantastic item. The mitt is also made to provide extreme comfort for just about any hand size. The item has been constructed to be extremely durable. This mitt will not be one and done after the season is over. This could be a glove that lasts players years out on the field. Why waste your hard earned cash on a new mitt every spring? You can buy this long-lasting option at a great price. Softball pitchers will also love this fielding glove. The closed pocket on this item is perfect for helping hurlers avoid tipping their pitches. This product comes at a size of 12 inches. It weighs in at just one pound, making it an extremely light fielding tool. The glove s lightweight performance leather will help fielders get to balls quicker than ever in the field. Those that decide to purchase this fine softball glove can feel comfortable knowing that the product comes from a top of the line sporting goods company. All Star Sporting Goods, has developed a reputation as one of the best softball equipment providers in the industry. Over the years, the All Star company has aided thousands of players in putting together All Star level seasons, and can do the same for you. The glove looks great too, coming with a sharp looking All Star design. The fine lacing on this glove will also go far in impressing all of your teammates and friends. The ultimate utility player requires the ultimate utility glove to use out in the field. The All Star 12 inch fastpitch pitchers glove is just that glove, and will help players using it excel wherever they are in the field. This item comes at a very competitive price, and needs to be on your hand when you compete in your next softball league. Purchase one today.

All Star Fastpitch Softball Glove

  • Lightweight performance leather
  • Rawhide closure
  • FGWAS-1200CK Tan
  • FGWAS-1200CKB - Black
  • 12 inch model
  • 3 Finger style