All Star 12 inch Fastpitch Infield Glove FGWAS-1200HB

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All Star 12 inch Fastpitch Infield Glove FGWAS-1200HB

All Star 12 inch Fastpitch Infield Glove FGWAS-1200HB

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All Star 12 inch Fastpitch Infield Glove FGWAS-1200HB 

The All Star 12 inch fastpitch infield glove will be turning heads on the field this season. This softball glove is constructed with lightweight performance leather. This model is constructed with full-grain steer hide for elite level durability and performance.  This glove will maintain it's shape for many seasons. The 12 inch design makes the FGWAS-1200HB ideal for infield play.  The size allows infielders to get a firm grip and make a quick exchange to the throwing hand.  Thus, plays in the hole, or turning double plays will be a breeze. The H-Web design is preferential for infield play.  This glove has a unique 3 finger style design. This innovative design combines the finger stalls of the index and pinky fingers. By bringing these fingers together in the same stall the closure strength of a player’s hand  in increased. Thus, a player will have more control of the pocket area of this All Star 12 inch fastpitch infield glove.

 All Star Fastpitch Softball Glove

This All Star fastpitch softball glove has an open back for comfort.  It also has pull strings to allow a player to adjust the fit for comfort and control. As with every All Star product, you receive a product that is produced with focus on the needs of the player. You also reap the benefits of expert craftsmanship.  All Star has the reputation of designing and manufacturing the highest quality gloves and mitts. This All Star 12 inch fastpitch infield glove is yet another example of the company's ability to produce the best equipment.

  • H-Web
  • Infield Glove
  • Lightweight performance leather
  • Rawhide closure
  • FGWAS-1200CHB - Black
  • 12 inch model
  • 3 Finger style