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Akadema Torino Series ACR 4 11.5 in Baseball Glove

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Sku: ACR4-right-hand-throw

Akadema Torino Series ACR 4 11.5 in Baseball Glove

The ideal baseball player plays impressively, with strength, and is not afraid to showcase grit and extra effort on the field. When looking for the ideal baseball glove, you may find yourself searching for similar things. Take the Akadema Torino Series ACR 4 11.5 in Baseball Glove for example. This glove has one the best-looking exteriors in the game today, and also is built with excellent durability. This is a glove infielders can confidentially bang around on the infield dirt without fear of it wearing down. Here are some other features that make this glove an ideal choice for infield players. With this Akadema Torino Series ACR 4 11.5 in Baseball Glove, the glove crafters worked hard to make a glove that gives a top-level performance. You will quickly feel compelled to give them an A+ for their effort after you see the construction of this mitt up close. This glove is built strong and tough, like a Torino (which means í_¥Ë_baby bull?). The Turin kip leather of this glove has greater tensile strength than typical US steerhide leather material. Expect this glove to last you many seasons in the field before it finally begins to wear down.

Akadema Infield Glove Features:

This glove will also feel light as a feather on your hand, thanks to its Turin kip leather material makeup. In fact, this glove is 20 percent lighter than normal models, which means you can be 20 percent quicker in the field. Just imagine what that extra glove speed can do for your defensive game. A super-fast break-in time also comes standard with Tornio Series Gloves. A short game of catch or two should leave your glove feeling game ready and prepared for action. This glove can be effectively used by third basemen, second basemen, and shortstops. It should help players at any of those positions turn into elite fielders. The mitt features an 11.5-inch pattern, an I-web design, an open back, and a medium sized pocket. The glove also now features Twin Welt. Do not let this fantastic Akadema Torino Series ACR 4 11.5 in Baseball Glove pass you by. Order it today on our Baseball Bargains website!

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