Akadema Torino ASM47 33 Inch Catchers Baseball Mitt

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Akadema Torino ASM47 33 Inch Catchers Baseball Mitt

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$189.95 USD
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Akadema Torino ASM47 33 Inch Catchers Baseball Mitt Features:

The Akadema Torino ASM47 33 Inch Catchers Baseball Mitt has an open back with a closed hinge web. The Akadema Torino is dedicated to give a player a deep pocket, making it easier to catch the balls in the dirt. It also has a light palm and chocolate brown shell that is durable and long lasting. Along with the deep pocket making it easier to catch balls in the dirt, it helps with catching strikes as well. Its durable and long lasting leather is great because players can use their glove for multiple seasons without ever feeling like it is wearing down.

Akadema Catchers Mitt Features:

The Torino ASM47 features kip leather that is 20% lighter than US steer hide giving the glove an unmatched lightweight feel. A lightweight glove is great to have because it will increase a catcher s quickness. This is important because it can be the deciding factor in making a great play or not. So, for elite catchers having a glove that makes your hands a little quicker is necessary. The ASM47 is meant to give you a fast break in process and will be game ready in no time. The Akadema Torino ASM47 is an awesome option for all catchers looking for an elite glove to help their game. Plus, you can t go wrong with a glove from Akadema because all of their products are high quality. This high quality product also comes at a great price. So, you are making a great investment when you buy this mitt. Akadema prides themselves on making great products, and this is no exception. So, if you are looking to purchase this fantastic glove, make sure to go buy this glove from Baseball Bargains today!

  • 33 Catcher s Mitt
  • Closed Hinge Web
  • Open Back
  • Deep Pocket
  • ASM47