Akadema Prosoft Design AHO224 13 in Softball Glove

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Akadema Prosoft Design AHO224 13 in Softball Glove

Akadema Prosoft Design AHO224 13 in Softball Glove

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Akadema Prosoft Design AHO224 13 in Softball Glove Features:

As a Softball player, if you are looking for a leg up on the competition, then try the Akadema Prosoft Design AHO224 13 in Softball Glove. The Akadema AHO 224 is specially designed for outfielders with a super deep pocket that makes catching easier. Its ultra deep pocket is perfect for all players looking to improve their game and perform on the next level. With a deep pocket, players are able to secure the ball easier because there is more room for the ball to land. The AHO 224 is lightweight and game ready for quick register to ballfield performance. Eliminating the break in process is key because it is a feature that many players want. This is because they want to use their new equipment as fast as possible. Akadema gives you just that, and continually impresses customers. The Akadema Prosoft AHO224 has an H web design that has become one of the most popular webs in the game. For a superior fit and extreme durability, look no further than the Akadema ProSoft Series. A great fitting glove is the most important piece to a glove. This is because a great fit comforts a player and gives them confidence. That confidence gives players what they need to play to the best of their abilities. Also, its durability is great because players will get the most out of their glove without having to buy a new one. The Akadema Prosoft AHO224 is great for all players looking for an affordable glove that they can rely on. This glove comes from a great manufacturer in Akadema, you know you are getting are high quality product. This high quality product also comes at a great price. So, you are making a great investment when you buy this mitt. Akadema prides themselves on making great products, and this is no exception. So, if you are looking to purchase this fantastic glove, make sure to go buy this glove from Baseball Bargains today!
  • H-web
  • Light feel and remarkable playability
  • AHO 224