Akadema Prosoft APX 221 12.75 in Baseball Glove

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Akadema Prosoft APX 221 12.75 in Baseball Glove

Akadema Prosoft APX 221 12.75 in Baseball Glove

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Akadema Prosoft APX 221 12.75 in Baseball Glove

The Akadema Prosoft APX 221 12.75 in Baseball Glove is a spectacular outfielder s fielding tool, and features the perfect web size to thrive at catching either baseballs or softballs. Finding this level of versatility in another mitt should be near impossible. Luckily this incredible glove is available right here on our Baseball Bargains website. Here is why you should not pass up on it.

The Akadema Prosoft APX 221 12.75" Baseball Glove comes with a Reptilian Claw pattern that resembles a dinosaur-like claw. This special design should make catching balls a much easier task for outfielders. Once a baseball or softball gets inside your mitt, it is not going anywhere. This glove has also been built super tough. Its glove material not only looks quite attractive, but should do a wonderful job of staying in great condition over time. This glove is also built strong enough to give your hand a significant level of hand protection. Your glove speed in the outfield should see great improvement this season with this Akadema mitt on your hand. Get ready to make lightning-quick scoops, and cat-like snags, thanks to this highlight-creating mitt.

Akadema Prosoft Outfield Glove Features:

A super-fast break-in time just comes standard with Akadema ProSoft Series Gloves. A short game of catch or two should leave your glove feeling game ready and prepared for action. This glove can be effectively used by just about any left, right, or center fielder. It should help them turn into tremendous fielders. The mitt features an 12.75-inch pattern, a Modified trap web design, an open back, and a deep pocket. If you play in both baseball and softball leagues, or just love the design of this Akadema Prosoft APX 221 12.75 in Baseball Glove, you need to order this sweet mitt today. Get it here from our Baseball Bargains website!