Akadema M6 43 Maple Baseball Bat

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Akadema M6 43 Maple Baseball Bat

Akadema M6 43 Maple Baseball Bat

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Akadema M6 43 Maple Baseball Bat

Want to invest in one of the Akadema sporting goods company and baseball world s most popular maple bats. The Akadema M6 43 Maple Baseball Bat features one of the better wood bat constructions you will see. It comes with a downright incredible grip that you just do not find on wood bat products. Akadema may not be the first name you think of when choosing a new bat, but after trying this maple bat, you will never want to go anywhere else. Here is why this bat is quickly becoming a favorite in the baseball player community.

The Akadema M6 43 Maple Baseball Bat comes with a new Tacktion Grip. The Akadema company developed this awesome new grip technology in a rather fascinating way. It incorporates a proprietary mix of ground sunflower shells, walnut shells and sand to give the handle extra grip. This pre-treated bat grip will eliminate any need for pine tar and bat tape. With all these shells now on the handle of your bat, you will have no problem absolutely shelling opposing hitters. In addition, this bat is made out of Rock Maple material, and features a black finish.

Akadema Wood Bats

It can be ordered in three different sizes (32, 33, or 34 inches), has a 2.60-inch barrel, a one-inch handle, a 2.15-inch knob, and a cupped end. The bat you see here comes from Akadema. This company is still fairly new to the baseball and softball equipment world, yet has already made a major mark on the sport with amazing products like this one. This is a company you can trust despite its young age, and you can look forward to only getting better and better as the years go on. The grip on this Akadema M6 43 Maple Baseball Bat make is a truly special item. And the quality of the Rock Maple on this bat will help it last you a long period of time. Do not wait to get a grip on this outstanding bat. Order now!