Akadema M6 10 Maple Baseball Bat

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Akadema M6 10 Maple Baseball Bat

Akadema M6 10 Maple Baseball Bat

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Akadema M6 10 Maple Baseball Bat

There are a lot of things that can excite you about a wood baseball bat. Probably the most exciting thing is hearing that a bat has a lot of power. Well guess what? This brand new Akadema M6 10 Maple Baseball Bat is loaded with a crazy amount of power. It features the Akadema company s strongest maple billets. It will help you destroy pitch after pitch during your next season of play. The build of this bat makes it a force to be reckoned with. It is sure to turn you into a force to be reckoned with in the batter s box as well. Here is how.

One of the biggest reasons the Akadema M6 10 Maple Baseball Bat is able to be so powerful, is that it comes made out of elite level maple wood material. This material is rock hard, and super strong. The strength of this bat should give you some major pop during your next season in the batter s box. The maple material in the bat should also hold up for a long period of time. It is durable enough that you will not have to worry about breaking it by making contact in the wrong place. The wood of this bat not only makes it a tremendous offensive tool, but also gives it a fantastic appearance. This particular model has mahogany on its handle, and black on its barrel.

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You will also be happy to see the Akadema company logo on your bat, as well as a small American flag, letting everyone know that this is an American item. The item comes with a 2.45-inch barrel size. It also comes with a 1-inch handle, a 1.95-inch knob, and a cupped end. The cupped end of this bat gives the item a more balanced feel as you swing it. It will help you put together a more consistent swing in the long run. Even the most muscular of hitters can use a little boost from a powerful bat to reach new offensive heights during their next season. The Akadema M6 10 Maple Baseball Bat is the heavyweight model that can get you to where you want to be. Order it now!