Akadema Fastpitch ACE70 13 in Softball Glove

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Akadema Fastpitch ACE70 13 in Softball Glove

Akadema Fastpitch ACE70 13 in Softball Glove

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Akadema Fastpitch ACE70 13 in Softball Glove Features:

Smart softball customers are always on the lookout for a great deal. Well buyers do not have to look any further. The Akadema Fastpitch ACE70 13 in Softball Glove is a wonderfully made mitt, that comes at a great price. You cannot afford to pass up on this incredible bargain. And who knows bargains better than the Baseball Bargains company. The Akadema Fastpitch ACE70 13 in Softball Glove is built out of high-quality US steerhide, and includes a B-web style. This design helps make for a durable and attractive looking glove. This is a fast pitch mitt that will not break down on you quickly. You will likely be able to play with this item for many seasons to come, and as a result will save lots of cash in the long run. That s just another reason why this product is such a great bargain. This mitt is the perfect choice most for fast pitch leagues, thanks to its many amazing features. These features include a Grasp-Clasp Wrist System, that makes the glove securely fit on the hand of the player using it, and allows them to develop a proper catching motion. This glove will quickly turn a player into a gold glove level fielder, without them even realizing it. The product will also be ready to use in fast pitch league play almost as soon as you receive it. It has a quick and easy break-in period. No need to wait weeks until your stiff glove feels comfortable on your hand. This Akadema Fastpitch mitt come nearly game ready. Another wonderful feature on this glove is its thin finger stalls. These stalls make sure you fingers have the perfect, secure fit inside your glove. As a result, you will have more control of your glove than ever before. This glove comes courtesy of the Akadema sporting goods company. This manufacturer is known for making amazing innovative baseball and softball equipment, and having a great in-depth understanding of what it takes to succeed out on the field. This athlete founded company truly knows what players need to perform well on the diamond. The item is available for both right handed and left handed throwers, making it a fantastic choice for a wide range of softball players. It comes in a size of 13 inches, and weighs only two pounds. Another fast pitch season is just around the corner, and you should not miss out on the Akadema Fastpitch ACE70 13 in Softball Glove. While other gloves that do this much for a player cost high amounts of money, this amazing glove comes at a very affordable price. Make sure you can make all the plays in the field necessary to help your team win, by ordering this mitt as soon as possible.
  • US steerhide construction includes a B-web
  • Smaller finger stalls and a deep pocket
  • ACE70