Akadema APG 97 30 in Training Glove

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Akadema APG 97 30 in Training Glove

Akadema APG 97 30 in Training Glove

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Akadema APG 97 30 in Training Glove

If you play any position except for catcher, you should take a look at this great new training aid. The Akadema APG 97 30 in Training Glove has a bit of an odd Pancake appearance. This shape can make a world of difference in helping defenders improve upon their skill in the field. Even if you do not like pancakes on your breakfast plate, you will definitely want this í_¥Ë_Pancake?on your hand during practice sessions. Here are just a few reasons why. The Akadema APG 97 30 in Training Glove comes with a 30-inch circumference. This makes it a great training gloves for outfielders, pitchers, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, and shortstops. Its flat and round design, is why it has earned the nickname of í_¥Ë_The Pancake Glove?. The design of this glove makes its perfect for helping defenders develop good fielding mechanics at pretty much any position. Fielders cannot afford to just go through the motions when using this glove. They will need to have absolutely perfect hand positioning in order to make plays with. This hand positioning should carry into the game situations for players, and help them cut down on their number of errors during their next season.

Akadema Pancake Glove

This pancake glove is available for both right handed and left handed throwers. Cleveland Roving Infield Instructor Ted Kubiak has gone on the record saying, í_¥Ë_I use the Akadema Pancake glove to help our infield prospects understand the mechanics of fielding.? So if an expert like him is giving high level prospects this glove to train with in the field, you should probably use it too. The Pancake glove design of this Akadema APG 97 30 in Training Glove will prove to be incredibly helpful in the long term development of your defensive game. Order now from our Baseball Bargains website, and see for yourself.