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Youth Wood Baseball Bats

When it comes to youth wood baseball bats, there are several types of wood to choose from. Traditionally maple wood seems to be a standard. It is a hard and dense wood that offers the best "exit" ball speed on contact. This wood does not splinter easily and tends to have great durability. Birch bats are becoming more popular. They have more flexibility than maple and harder than ash. High-quality bats are being produced using birch wood. Also, ash bats are an old standard for youth wood baseball bats. They have a quality called the "trampoline" effect that helps the ball travel further but this effect can deaden the wood and shorten the life of the bat. They are not as dense as maple bats and tend to splinter easier. Bamboo bats are making onto the youth wood baseball bats market. It is very dense and has a "steel-like" quality. It ranks high with exit speed and durability. There are composite material bats on the market and bamboo is often part of the composite material. When shopping for a bat there are several questions you should explore before purchasing. Depending on your style, are you looking for an end loaded bat or one with balance? According to your grip, are you more comfortable using a thinner handle versus a normal handle? [product_tag tags="youth-wood-baseball-bats"]

Wood Bats Performance

Youth wood baseball bats can be quite stylish but style does not always mean the bat has the best performance on the field. Plan to pick a bat that will show off your skills and if it has style, so much the better. Caring for your bat is also very important. For the bat to perform well on the field, it should be stored in a dry, temperature controlled area of the house. Your bedroom is a good place. Standing the bat as straight as possible with its handle in the air keeps the wood straight. Wipe down the bat surface with a multi-purpose cleaner after use. With so many good choices of youth wood baseball bats on the market, take the time to find the right one for you.
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