Youth Mizuno Catchers Gear

Youth Mizuno Catchers Gear

Youth Mizuno catchers gear gives the young catcher a chance to shine like the stars. It's available in individual pieces, helmet, chest protector and shin guards. However, Mizuno also markets an affordable catchers gear set. The youth Mizuno catchers gear is offered in over a dozen colors to match team uniforms making the young catcher feel like a pro. There is also a line of gender-engineered catcher's gear developed for the young female fastpitch catcher. [product_tag tags="youth-mizuno-catchers-gear"]

Catcher's Helmet

Youth Mizuno catchers gear puts a helmet on the young catcher that helps them achieve success. Nothing worse than having restricted vision trying to learn how to catch a baseball hurling at you, hunkered down behind the dish. You want to feel protected, but you also need to be able to see the field clearly. Mizuno employs a steel cage with clear visibility. All Mizuno youth masks use 3-layer EVA foam padding for ultimate protection. Every Mizuno catchers helmet has vents for breathability, so the young catcher feels comfortable. Every youth catchers mask sold by Mizuno meets all NOCSAE standards.

Chest Protector

Catching is a difficult position, especially for the young players. Nothing worse than a poor kid sent out behind the plate with a chest protector dangling off his body, inhibiting his movement. Mizuno youth chest protectors stay in place and protect the catcher. Mizuno chest protectors have detachable shoulder protectors, plus a neck guard to prevent serious injury. The youth protector uses the same DryLite® technology the Major League catchers use. There is a double buckle strap, which adjusts easily for different size bodies. The Mizuno chest protector provides full protection with freedom of movement.

Shin Guards

Shin guards are another important part of the catcher's tools for young players. It is hard to teach a youth player to drop and stop the pitch in the dirt, if they're taking shots off their knees. Not only is it painful, it doesn't allow them to learn correct catching techniques. Youth Mizuno catchers gear extends the padding to cover the inner shin. This helps to protect the inside of the player's leg from a ball ricocheting off the dirt. All Mizuno youth shin guards use Grippy DryLite® technology to keep the padding where it's supposed to be. So, the guard stays secure, in front where they belong, not loose and slipping all over the catcher's leg. Mizuno makes quality catcher's gear for all skill levels of baseball, even the Major League. For comfortable protection every young catcher, outfit them with youth Mizuno's catcher's gear. As a result, they'll feel confidence they need to play one the toughest positions in baseball. So, check out the Mizuno gear on our website.