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Wood Softball Bats Slow Pitch

Wood softball bats slow pitch are somewhat less common than the more modern bats made of aluminum or composite materials. However, wooden bats have withstood the test of time and some players prefer them over any other materials. In addition, these bats are sometimes the only models that a league permits, so it's important to know what to look for. First of all, wood softball bats slow pitch style do not come in as many different sizes, shapes and weights as bats made of other materials. In fact, most of these wood bats vary quite little. This is a plus as it can simplify the buying process. Of course there are a few variables with wood softball bats slow pitch style. Above all is the weight. Most bats come from 25 ounces up to 30 ounces. The heavier bats can make it easier to hit balls the furthest. However, they might be too difficult for younger players to handle. So,  a player will generally go with the heaviest bat they can comfortably manage. [product_tag tags="wood-softball-bats-slow-pitch"]

Slowpitch Bat Barrel Sizes

Next, consider the barrel length. Lengths of wood softball bats slow pitch style generally  are 34 inches. The barrel lengths vary between 12 and 14 inches. The shorter lengths help the player have better bat control, while the longer sizes can allow for a larger margin of error on a swing. As a result, the barrel length should be chosen with respect to the player's skill level and comfort. Strangely enough, the barrel diameter in all wood softball bats slow pitch style is exactly the same. Expect to find barrels of 2 1/4" across the boards. In conclusion, weight and length of the player's bat should be expected to change based on the player's height, weight, skill level, and personal preference. Furthermore, since so much depends on general preference of the player, it can be helpful to try out different bats to get a feel for what works best personally.
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