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Wood Baseball Bats

Players making the transition to wood bats, it is tough choice to find the right one. They use several varieties of wood that in the construction of wood baseball bats. Each comes with distinctive features that give them different characteristics. One of the most common wood types used in bat production is Ash. Specifically Northern White Ash renowned for its longevity and resilience through consistent impact. It is the natural hardness of the wood that makes it an ideal bat material. A harder hitting surface provides a more explosive response at the point of impact. The density of the wood also gives it a stiffer feel through the hitting zone. So players don’t get that whipping sensation that is common in the majority of aluminum bats. Ash’s strength allows it to hold up against mishit balls off the end or handle of the bat. [product_tag tags="wood-baseball-bats"]

Type Of Wood

The wood type that is seeing the largest growth in popularity in recent years is of the Maple variety. For a long time, the naturally high moisture content and lower density of maple stock made it less than ideal for the constant abuse it would take as an everyday offensive tool. Revolutionary drying techniques implemented throughout the last two decades have made it possible to properly remove excess moisture from the wood. Effectively hardening the hitting surface by closing the grains into a tighter formation. The reduction of moisture also lightens the wood from it natural weight. Creating a smoother swing weight that is ideal for players transitioning from aluminum to wood. The lighter feel provides that whipping sensation many players prefer out of their bats creating additional force through the hitting zone but also results in more fractures and breaks resulting from mishit balls. A less common but effective type of wood used in the production of bats is Bamboo. Widely known for its superior strength and durability, Bamboo was an obvious choice for bat construction but lacks some of the explosive features that you find in maple or ash stock. What makes Bamboo unique is its ability to exhibit incredible strength while remaining surprisingly lightweight for a perfect combination of durability and quickness through the hitting zone. One of the limitations of Bamboo is that it lacks some of the power of Ash and Maple and often has a smaller sweet spot than traditional models.
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