Wilson Umpire Gear

Wilson Umpire Gear

If you've ever noticed the "W" on a professional home plate umpire's face mask, it's the trademark of Wilson umpire gear. Wilson is an industry leader in supplying all kinds of athletic equipment. They are especially famous for outfitting the men and women who call balls and strikes. They have been the equipment of choice of professional umpires. [product_tag tags="wilson-umpire-gear"]

The Mark of a Professional

Wilson umpire gear includes everything from equipment bags specially designed for umpires, to ball bags and indicators. Wilson creates each piece of umpire equipment with the comfort and protection of the umpire in mind. From behind home plate, Wilson face masks proudly display the company logo. You can see it every night during the Major League Baseball season. Underneath the well dressed umpire, you'll find full leg shin guards and the Pro Platinum West Vest. This is one of the most popular chest protectors available. Wilson umpire equipment is the only provider of umpire protective gear with the distinction of displaying the MLB logo. This is because it is the gear the professionals wear, and for good reason. They know that they will have plenty of protection with Wilson umpire gear. So, they will be safe behind the plate. There is also a line of trimmer chest protectors and shin guards perfectly cut for the fastpitch softball umpire. They are lighter and allow more freedom of movement. Wilson face masks use strong, poly coated steel, so they will last a long time. The durability and strength are the main draw to any protective gear. However, it is especially important for umpire gear. That is what makes the Wilson gear so popular.

Over a Century of Excellence

The Wilson Sporting Goods Company started out as Ashland Manufacturing in Chicago, Illinois. They have provided professional athletes and sports teams with game balls and equipment for more than 100 years. So,  they have a proven track record. They even had one of their products play a leading role in a Hollywood motion picture. The Wilson logo was the inspiration behind Tom Hank's best friend "Wilson" the volleyball. They have carried that industry leading commitment to excellence into the gear that protects baseball and softball umpires. If you're going to step behind the plate to call balls and strikes, you need to be safe. Wilson umpire gear is the leader in the industry. There are also starter packages that are affordable for the beginner umpire. They offer different levels of equipment for different skill levels of play. There is one thing you can be certain of when you put on the trademark W of Wilson umpire gear. You are putting on a century of excellence.