Wilson Sleek

Wilson Sleek Series

The Wilson Sleek is a great helmet for any catcher or base coach. While using a premium matte grip finish, this helmet will feel great and protect you. The sleek comes from the look of the helmet. The look is awesome with the matte colors and the air slots for ventilation. This is a great feature to have when you are playing or coaching during a hot double header. Summers can get hot on the diamond, so you need gear that will promote staying cool. The particularly placed air holes allow for the helmet to be light weight as well. This coaches helmet doesn't put the burden on your head on neck to hold up a very heavy helmet, allowing for peak performance. For a catcher, this catchers skull cap will protect you from any ball that might hit you. It can be a scary thing when catchers get hit in the head, but be assured you are safer with this Wilson Sleek helmet.