Wilson EZ Gear

EZ Gear

EZ Gear is a series of youth catchers gear from Wilson. When on the market for catchers gear it is important to buy a set that comes from both a great brand and series. One set that satisfies that is Wilson EZ Gear. Wilson has been in business since 1923 and has been one of the top companies in the game ever since. This gear series is one of Wilson's best catchers gear series. A Wilson gear set comes with everything you need and is fantastic for players at all levels of the game. This set uses Dri-Lex lining to help wick away moisture. This feature makes this gear great to use during the hot summer months. Another great thing about this gear set is the price. This Wilson gear set comes in at a very reasonable price tag around $100. Here at Baseball Bargains we have this gear set available. Start improving your play behind the plate and purchase Wilson EZ Gear today!