White Baseball Glove

White Baseball Glove

A White Baseball Glove is one of the biggest statements you can make at the diamond. It will stick out like a sore thumb and everyone will take notice. White baseball gloves, when they are clean, are one of the flashiest looks in baseball. And, if you are a player looking to put a little flare in their game, this color glove is perfect. A lot of people live by the phrase "Look good, play good." And, if you are a firm believer in this, a white glove is great. A White baseball glove will make you look great while on the field. There isn't much to say about these gloves, but make sure to find a company that fits your needs. If you are an infielder, look for a company that specializes in infield gloves, same with the outfield. Don't just buy the glove for the look.

Wilson, Louisville Slugger and Rawlings White Glove Models

When it comes to a white baseball gloves, most companies don't mass produce them. Because, not many players want to have that look. So, in order to get yourself one of these gloves, you are going to need to customize a already existing glove. Now, some companies do make white gloves, but it most likely isn't the company you are looking for. Many of the biggest names in baseball equipment don't make a white glove. They just wouldn't sell enough. A lot of people like to fit in with the crowd and get what is accepted by their teammates and such. But, if you want to stand out, you will need to pay a little extra. Most companies allow you to customize almost all the models, and white is usually one of them. So, find a company that you like, and customize that glove. However, periodically the big companies like Wilson, Rawlings and Louisville Slugger come out with a line of white baseball gloves. Rawlings white baseball gloves can be seen in their catalog every other season or so. These Rawlings white baseball gloves are usually produced in small runs. So, if you see a white Rawlings glove you like, don't hesitate or you may miss out. They also tend not to make the whole glove white. The base color is sometimes white, but they change up the trimming. They use colored lace to accent the look. With the white background the lace color really pops. This makes for a pretty awesome glove. The overall look will be very clean, if you keep it that way. So check out the Rawlings White Glove models on our site today.

What comes with the Territory?

When it comes to a white baseball glove, you need to take extra care of them. After almost every game, you are going to have to clean it. If you want it to get seasoned, don't clean it for a couple of games to dull the color. But, after that you need to take extra good care of it. It does come with the territory, and if you spend the extra money, you might as well take the extra time out of your day to clean it.