Wheeled Catchers Bag

Wheeled Catchers Bag

A Wheeled Catchers Bag is a great way to protect your shoulder from aches and pains before and after games. These baseball catchers bag models are great because of the convenience they offer when having a lot of gear. If you have a lot of gear and can't find room in a back pack, this bag is for you. Catchers will not be able to  find room in a back pack as there is just too much to stuff. Especially when it comes to the helmet. You most likely have a batting helmet so another helmet with a cage would be way too much. What makes the wheeled bag better than the duffel bag is the fact that it doesn't put all the stress on your shoulders. After a long trip to the car after a game, your shoulder can feel very weak when it is carrying more than ten pounds. [product_tag tags="wheeled-catchers-bag"]

Wheeled Bag

There are two different types of bags catchers can use that have wheels on them. You can use a regular wheeled bag and you can also use a team bag. The team bags are usually wider and have more space for bats and other equipment. The regular wheeled bags are great for most catchers. These bags have ample space for bats as well. You can fit about four or five bats in these bags. So, if you play in a metal bag league and a wood bat league there is enough space in these bags for all of it. The space inside the bags are great as well. The bag can fit your catchers gear and your regular baseball gear. So, on top of your catchers gear, you can have multiple gloves, helmets, and any other items like baseballs and batting gloves. They fit a ton of equipment.

Team Bag

The Team bags are a little different for a Wheeled baseball catchers bag as they are bigger and wider. meaning, the bag can fit a lot more equipment then a normal wheel bag would be a able to. Mizuno makes a lot of these bags and many other top companies do as well. it is also great if you are a coach who has to carry equipment and helmets. If you have a team set of catchers gear and have the team where matching helmets, chances are you carry all the equipment. So, a team bag would be able to handle this and carry bats or fungos. You can fit all your game day necessities in one bag. For a player, you can fit one to two sets of catchers gear and some gloves and helmets. The only downsize to these bags is it is tough to get through small spaces.