Under Armour Youth Helmet

Under Armour Youth Helmet

Under Armour Youth Helmets are a great way to keep your child safe on the diamond. They produce some great helmets and have a lot of returning customers. That is a sigh of a good company, their return rate. Under Armour is a newer company to the baseball world. They have been around for a while but are newer compared with other baseball companies. Under Armour has been making warmth clothing and other accessories for a while but have been killing the game in baseball equipment. From catchers gear, to cups they have a lot of products. Their youth helmets are no exception to their high quality products. They are able to keep both up and coming baseball and softball stars safe. It is never an easy site watching a child, especially yours, get hit in the head. But, with an Under Armour Youth Helmet, you know they are safe. [product_tag tags="under-armour-youth-helmet"]

Baseball Helmets

In baseball, Under Armour does a great job keeping players in the batters box safe. These helmets are able to take a lot of shock and pressure and still keep head injuries from happening. Obviously these helmets will not be handling a 90 mph fastball. This is because they have to keep the weight down. You don't want a kids head to be drooping while he is playing. Their necks can barely even support their own head, let alone a lot more weight. So, they lower the amount of material which lowers the weight and still accommodates to the speed of the pitching. The trade off is very fair. They have models with a cage and without. The cage is a face mask that covers your face from the ball. Visibility is still great with a cage on, and obviously without too. These helmets are great for all new players.

Softball Helmets

In softball, helmets are all about having a cage on them. Since the pitchers get so close to the plate when they are releasing the ball, it is essential to have a cage on the helmet. There is very little time to react to a pitch coming at your face or head. Especially if you are a slap hitter running out of the box, you need to be protected. Under Armour Youth Helmet's for softball all have the cages for players and have great visibility. Softball helmets have larger side views on them because they don't have to worry about a ball getting in the side and hitting your face. The ball is massive and won't be able to do that, so they can ope up the side view for better sight. Keep your daughter safe by buying one of the most trusted brands in the business.